Meet The Animals

Meet the Gang

Little Buckets Farm Sanctuary gives animals a safe and loving home they all so deserve. Each new resident will have their own story but they all will be able to say they are a member of the LBFS family. 

Beginning in November 2023, we will be looking for a 2nd Sponsor for each of the animals. I have already asked our current sponsors if they were okay sharing the love and they all were. This would allow us to cover the increased costs for bedding, hay, and so much more. Please email Susan at if interested in sponsoring someone. 


Bucket was saved from a livestock auction where he had been discarded and ripped from his mother at less than a day old. Bucket was bottle raised and became instant friends with Colton. He is the sweetest, gentlest big boy. He is a simple boy who simply likes his hay, green grass, grain and loves pears.  His name is from my 2017 bucket list that included saving a life, which ended up being his. See our About our Story page for more details.  His name inspired our sanctuary well. 

Birthday: March 27, 2017

Bucket has an amazing sponsor.


Bailey was saved off a post online. He was going to be sent to auction if a new home was not found. He was 4 weeks old and I immediately went to pick him up and brought him home in the back seat area of my truck. The heart on his head so prominent. He was healthy except for ringworm so he could not be put immediately with Bucket. After finishing his bottle feeding and getting him all healthy, Bucket and Bailey became immediate friends. They are absolutely best friends to this day. Bailey loves to run and do big hops especially when he sees us, treats, hay or just when he is called. He is the biggest resident on the farm but oh so sweet and lovable. 

Birthday: September 24, 2017

Bailey has the sweetest Sponsor Mom. 

Miles & Journey

I was contacted very early in 2019 by Jason Bolalek who lived in Vermont and who has since formed Destination Liberation and was wanting to save the male calves at several dairy farms nearby as he had gotten the farms to agree to surrender them as they are no use to dairy farms sadly. A few months later and we were ready and Jason drove Journey who was a week old and Miles a day old from Vermont to Virginia in the back seat of his sedan. Jason named the boys after the trip. The boys had just  been ripped from their mother and instantly befriended each other for comfort. The trip took it's toll as both fought scours and fevers but they fought hard and got well. They were both bottle fed and moved from being in a quarantine field to the Eight is Not Enough gang of goats until they were big enough to be in with Bucket and Bailey. They would literally moo to each other. Once they were together, the four have become four peas in a pod. Journey's moo is loved by all and both are incredibly sweet and handsome. Miles having such unusual markings and awesome eyes. 

Miles's Birthday: April 21, 2019

Journey's Birthday: April 15, 2019

Miles has an amazing Sponsor Mom.  Journey is in need of a Sponsor. 


Colton is Little Buckets animal whisperer. She adores everyone and is always the first to welcome the new rescues and befriend each of them. She was adopted from Small Miracles Cat & Dog Rescue prior to Little Buckets existence. She was only 7 months old and was found on the streets living with her brother. The night she was adopted, she walked in the house, turned the corner, and jumped on the sofa. She was home! Her best friend is Bucket and I would like to say me :) however she loves everyone and they love her. She is my sidekick, guardian, and best friend. 

Colton loves to sleep and eat. She is very hard to discipline as she will immediately go into zoomie mode. She absolutely rolls over for anyone willing to scratch her belly. 

Colton's Birthday (Had to be estimated): July 19, 2013


Cooper arrived in February 2022 from Animal Protection Society of Person County, NC. They had rescued him and he was in a foster home. Cooper was about 7 months old when he arrived with the most adorable ears and great smile. He immediately became best friends with Colton and not long after started looking after Tidbit and Pisa with Colton. He has some issues learning all of farm life and is still very much in training and very much a puppy still. He is so fast, does an amazing job looking after the farm and for me, and sleeps well at night. 


So if you read Summer & Stormy’s story, on of the visits to see them prior to them coming home, I was at the farm when a Mom had just given birth to triplets, not knowing it was triplets because I could only see 2 healthy babies because of the distance but what I thought might be a 3rd baby goat. And sure enough it was, a little boy fighting for his life because his mom had essentially pushed him away because his siblings were at least twice his size. So the farm was able to get some colostrum from the mom and had to feed the baby with a tube because he had no strength. I offered to take the baby and bottle feed it and try to save his life. So I had no idea that day, my life with goats was about to start a few weeks sooner than planned. I got the baby home with the tiniest of bottles, he started to take tiny amounts of milk and sure enough about an hour later, he stood. I immediately named him Rocky, for his fight. And it was all amazing progress from there. He was tiny then but grew into a handsome big boy and beat out Summer & Stormy by being my first goat at the farm. 😊 When the girls came home, once Rocky was old and strong enough, we introduced them and after some time, they became friends.

Rocky's Birthday: April 13, 2016

Rocky is looking for a Sponsor. 

Summer & Stormy

So when I had my farm in Maryland, I was told by many that goats destroy fences and are magicians at getting out. So at the time I did not know if I should have any goats but in 2016, I decided to go against everything I was told and read and welcome 2 baby goats to the farm and well that was the absolute best decision as goats are awesome! Summer & Stormy were my first 2 baby goats, not rescues because I didn’t even know how to go about rescuing at that point, but from a local farm that took very good care of their animals and the babies were raised by their moms. I was able to see them at a week old and a few times more before welcoming them home at around 9 weeks old. Knowing what I know now, I hate that that they were pulled from their mom and that I wasn’t able to keep their family together. Also, as I see how goats are so often abused & neglected and are part of the dairy and meat industry, I consider Summer and Stormy rescues because any goat or farm animal that gets to live their life out to the fullest, safe and happy – well they are one of the lucky ones. Summer and Stormy are best friends. Stormy a little shy but she has come a long way. Summer has the striking black coat that is beautiful. It was absolute the best decision to welcome these 2 beautiful girls to my family. 

Summer's Birthday: March 7, 2016. Stormy's Birthday: March 18, 2016

Both Stormy and Summer have amazing moms.

Liberty & Bell

It wasn’t long after having Summer, Stormy & Rocky, I learned how hard it is for mom goats to have their kids pulled from them even when they need to be weaned. So in the Summer of 2016, I was looking to add to our goat family when on July 4th, it was raining all day and I was looking on Craigslist when I saw a mom and baby goat advertised for sale and the baby had been born that morning. I said to myself I have to get them so they are safe and can stay together and luckily I was the first to respond to the post and immediately drove 2 hours in horrible rain and brought them both home. Liberty was a great mom. Luckily both were healthy and it was a completely different experience watching Liberty raise Bell. It was so special to see and to this day, they have that mother/daughter bond.

Liberty's Birthday: May 26, 2015. Bell's Birthday: July 4, 2016

Liberty has an amazing sponsor mom. Sadly, Bell passed away in June 2022. It hasn't been the same without her. 

Sailor & Tank

In the beginning of 2017, I had lost faith in being able to make having a rescue happen even though on my bucket list was to save a life. I knew I was I was going to have to move to do a full rescue and I didn’t think I could make it happen. So once again on Craigslist, I found 2 baby goats to add to our family – brothers. I actually committed to getting the boys prior to saving Bucket’s life but they didn’t come home until after I saved Bucket. Sailor and Tank were supposed to be Pygmy goats however, I believe they are mix therefore they are bigger then the rest of the Eight is Not Enough gang. Being boys, they made their way into the herd just fine with Sailor later taking lead. These boys provide a lot of the humor with their constant need to try to knock down our fence by just banging their head into posts, scratching their heads on the fence wire or just leaning on it to scratch their sides. Their horns are beautiful and both of them are so handsome. 

Tank and Sailor's Birthday is: March 17, 2017

Sailor has an incredible Sponsor Mom. Tank is looking for one a Sponsor.


One day I received a call from the farm that Rocky, Summer, and Stormy came from and they had a baby whose mother had passed away when her mom was having her twin. They asked if I would like to bottle feed her like I did Rocky and of course I said Yes. I went and picked her up just a couple of hours later. Ripley was healthy but just sadly had lost her mom. I bottle raised her and we spent many hours together. She would fly around my house until she was big enough to be put with the other goats. Ripley was and is extremely bonded to me and would rather spend time with me over any of her goat friends. She is so sweet and is the tiniest goat in the Eight is Not Enough gang. If goats could live in your house forever, Ripley would still be here. :)

Ripley's birthday: June 17, 2017

Ripley is looking for a Sponsor. 


Hopie is truly a miracle goat and was our first rescue as Little Buckets in July 2018. She was posted on Lawson's Heart who posts animals who are in need of help and often are special needs goats. Hopie was in Maryland and because of a special family who helped transport her to us, we were able to save her life. She was barely alive when we took her straight to the vet. She could not walk, she had lost her voice and was truly fighting for her life. But you could see she wasn't ready to give up and so I certainly was not going to give up on her. I syringed fed her water and luckily she did want to eat. After just a few weeks, she started to want to stand, then we were able to get her a cart to get her upright. But before long she started to move her legs and started taking steps and before you knew it, she was running in her cart. Soon after, she stood on her own and began the process of taking small steps and then walking on her own and then running on her own. She started to run and frolic around the farm and has never turned back. She loves life and enjoys every day of her life. 

We don't know Hopie's birthday. 

Hopie is extremely lucky to have a very special Sponsor Dad.

Charlie & Blondie

I was contacted by a student at a vet school who wanted to save a pair of goats from going to auction as her school sends all animals at the end of each semester to auction unless they have are spoken for ahead of time. I absolutely wanted to help and with the help of amazing people, we arranged transport each doing different legs of the trip. They arrived in December 2018 just about 3 months old. They had bonded on the trip and the two of them are always laying together. One of the definite couples on the farm. Charlie and Blondie were the start of the flying ear gang as those ears are absolutely amazing. These two are so sweet. Charlie being a little bit of a class clown while Blondie is all sweetness. 

Charlie's Birthday is: September 21, 2018. Blondie's is September 24, 2018

Charlie has an amazing Sponsor Mom.  Sadly, Blondie passed away in August 2021 after a long fight with a goat disease CAE that she would have gotten as a baby nursing from her mom before she even came to LBFS.

Pete & Dee

Pete and Dee were rescued from the same vet school as Charlie and Blondie. These cuties were rescued in May 2019 along with Carolyn who sadly passed away weeks later. Pete and Dee also bonded on the long drive to Virginia and they are also one of our couples on the farm. Always laying together. Dee is famous for her crazy, high dismounts while Pete when he was young, had a "baaa" like no other. They are both so sweet and happy. 

Pete's Birthday:  January 17, 2019      Dee's Birthday: March 5, 2019

Both Pete and Dee have amazingly devoted sponsors. 


Penny was also rescued from a vet school by a student who had already saved her friend Sprinkles who had issues with her back legs but who was still able to walk. This vet school student reached out to Lawson's Heart (IG account where special needs animals are posted to find homes) to see if she could find a sanctuary for both Penny and Sprinkles as she did not have a farm but who loved Penny and Sprinkles tremendously. She wanted them to have a big field and other goat friends. So Penny and Sprinkles came to us in July 2019. Sadly Sprinkles passed away a few months later and Penny was left without her best friend. She is incredibly sweet and quiet and has slowly befriended Hopie, Blondie and the rest of the gang who she spends her time with. Penny certainly mourns and misses her friend just like a human would. 

We don't know Penny's Birthday. 

Penny has an amazing Sponsor Mom & Dad. 

Tater & Tot

Tater and Tot were also posted on Lawson's Heart. The boys are twins and both were born with neurological and vision issues but showed a huge fight so the farm did not want to give up on them. Tater and Tot came to us at a week old only able to stand for a few seconds before falling They are myotonic fainting goats however their falling is not because of fainting but because of a lesion on the brain that controls balance. However, these boys were not going to let this stop them and after spending lots of time working with the boys, Tater and Tot now walk and run and even frolic. They will most likely always fall but now they are able to get around, be a goat, and enjoy life. The boys are so lovable and love to spend time with us snuggling. Tater just a few months into his life has been also battling liver issues but he is a true fighter and we hope he is going to win this battle too. 

Birthday: May 16, 2020

Both boys are sponsored by the amazing family who help transport them to LBFS. 


Tidbit arrived in March 2021 at just a week old. She was born with a neurological issue that did not allow her stand. When she arrived, we also found out that she is blind, possibly can see shadows. She was faced with incredible hurdles and was so very tiny. She never overcame the neurological issue to be able to stand on her own however her cart allows her to live a happy life. She lives in the house permanently and has stayed very tiny. Even her horns barely grew. She is always smiling and she could not be any sweeter. 

Tidbit sadly passed away on February 20, 2023. Our little girl told me it was time and she is missed every single day. 


Titan came to us in June 2021. He is the twin brother of Tidbit. He was born healthy and strong. When we rescued Tidbit, we asked the farm the farm if we could also have Titan so we could keep them together and they said Yes. Titan is much bigger than Tidbit hence his name. However he couldn't be more sweet and loving. He will follow you anywhere. 

Titan is looking for a Sponsor.


Polly came to us in April 2021 at a month old. She was a triplet who was born with both her front legs contracted at a 90 degree angle. The place she was born very much loved her but didn't feel they could give her the best care and a home with friends so we offered her a home. We were able to get her right left almost to straighten out like normal however the left remained stubborn. After using a cart while she small and splinting, we tried her in our field with a gentle herd and it was an instant spot for her to thrive as a goat should be. She is able to graze with friends all day and keeps up with all the other goats. We constantly make sure she is not in any pain and as she continues to grow, we will decide if she is in need of anything. Polly is spunky and those ears and she keeps us on our toes each and every day. 

Polly is lucky to be sponsored by one of our volunteers. 


Blue has the most amazing blue eyes. He came to us in April 2021 from Hudson Valley Humane Society in New York. They specialize in dogs and cats and Blue was the only goat and they had not found an adoptive home. So he traveled south to start a new life at Little Buckets. He is so happy, spunky, and has some serious leaping power. 

Blue is looking for a Sponsor.


Pisa arrived in April 2022 at a month old. She is an angora goat and will be getting sheared like a sheep would. She was born with neurological issues that does not allow her stand on her own. We were hoping she would be able to learn to balance like Tater and Tot were able however so far she has to use the cart to move around. We have built several wood chutes that she can stand in on her own but gives her the boards on each side of her to balance herself. She is spunky, sweet, strong, and inspires us every day. She works those little legs hard to fly around the farm. She has been sheared once and has many different looks. Her curls are absolutely amazing and so soft. We are constantly working with Pisa to help her thrive and hopefully overcome her balance issues. She doesn't know any different and is so happy and healthy otherwise. She is a little fighter and still lives in the house with Tidbit.

Pisa has 3 very special sponsor moms. 


Feta came to when Second Chance Rat Rescue reached out to us about her. They were dealing with a case and Feta was the only goat. She was 9 years old when she arrived in June 2021. Super tiny, adorable and so sweet and funny. She immediately fit in with the group and bunks with Polly at night. 

Feta has 2 amazing Sponsor Moms splitting her care. 

Lynn, Christy, & Burke

We are super lucky that we have plenty of space here on the farm. We are not able to welcome many new rescues each year but we absolutely wanted to help a group of bonded goats going into 2023. So when we saw Lynn, Christy and Burke were at NC State getting the much needed care to just survive because of Blind Spot Animal Sanctuary, we wanted to offer a forever home for them when they were desperate for a place to land. The boys were only about 4 to 6 weeks old. Lynn fighting for her own life while being the best mom to her boys. After being in our quarantine area for months longer than expected, it has been all happy tails once we got them 100% well. They love to graze, are always up for trying any treat, and love their family and friends. We are so happy we could keep this adorable family together forever. We always find them snuggling together. 

All 3 have very special Sponsor Moms.


Jane was rescued at the same time as Lynn, Christy, and Burke above. However, her health was in much dire straits and she needed a blood transfusion immediately after arriving at NC State. She was not able to stand. She was so thin. But Jane was always smiling and she continues to smile every day here. She hangs with her friends Lynn and the boys but loves everyone. She loves all treats but bananas are her absolute favorite. She will steal them out of your pocket if you are not watching. We are so happy to see her thrive, gain weight and continue to smile. She is an absolute joy. 

Jane is sponsored by one of our amazing volunteers as well as has a second super special Sponsor Mom. So she is doubly lucky.


Harry was our most spontaneous rescue to date with only 10 minutes to prepare. I received a call from someone who knows of us from the area who had just picked up a baby goat from a local farm whose Mom & sibling had passed away sadly and the farmer did not want to bottle feed. They were on their way to the farm as we spoke and I was handed Harry who could not even hold up his head. We immediately got fluids in him and rushed him to NC State. Just a few hours later, Harry was talking, standing, and was definitely a little fighter. Harry never looked back and was healthy from that point forward. His mom saved his life because he was bred for meat so he otherwise would not have gotten to live a long life. Harry was bottle raised and lived in the house for a short period. He grew so fast and he loves to jump on everything. He is going to be one big boy.

Watch Harry's Intro Rescue Video

 Born: February 8, 2024, Gotcha Day February 9, 2024

Harry has an amazing Sponsor Dad but is looking for a 2nd wonderful sponsor.


Lucca was born with no front legs. He found his way to us through our sanctuary network as we were looking for a friend for Pisa. He came to us less than 2 weeks old and is healthy otherwise. He knows no different and is such an amazing boy. He mastered the zipline, can walk on his back 2 legs, and now rolls in his new 3d printed custom cart. He is beyond precious and inspiring.

Watch Lucca's Intro Rescue Video

Born: May 1, 2024, Gotcha Day May 11, 2024

Lucca has an amazing Sponsor Family who got to meet him on one of our tours. He is looking for a 2nd wonderful sponsor as well.


Chief was one of Little Bucket's first rescues in July 2018. He was at a feedlot about to be sent to Mexico or Canada to be slaughtered for meat. With the help of our supporters, we were able to save him. He was first sent to quarantine and arrived to the farm in August 2018. Chief was a little thin but overall pretty healthy. Once he was introduced to the other horses, he immediately bonded with Trigger, Chester, and Geronimo. Chief is such a social horse and always comes over the fence to say Hi. He is also a little bit of a class clown, always instigating fun in the field with the other horses. He is so sweet and funny and I can't imagine why he landed in that feedlot but he will never have to worry about safety again. 

Chief has two so very sweet sponsor moms that split his sponsorship.


Sterling was also saved from the same feedlot as Chief. When I saw Sterling, I knew I needed to help him. His look reminded me of Bailey's and he immediately had my heart. He was very thin and sick when he got to quarantine. They were able to get him healthy enough to come to Little Buckets and when he arrived, he had patches of hair missing, so thin and just needing a lot of TLC. So we helped him gain weight and get the nutrition he needed and Sterling now was one of the most amazing transformations. His coat, his weight, his feet - all transformed into the most beautiful, stunning black horse. And on top of that, Sterling was a horse that nothing bothered him and was oh so sweet. His introduction to the boys took some time as they did not welcome him with open arms. However, one day, Chester befriended him and from that moment he was in with the herd and now is best friends with both Chester and Chief. He hangs with Chester all the time and does not like to be separated from him. They will forever have each other's back. 

Sterling unexpectantly passed away in September 2021. We were completely devastated and still are.


Chester was saved at a livestock auction for just $5 by a friend who has a horse rescue. He was later adopted out but then returned. Instead of going back to her rescue, I decided to adopt Chester myself. This was well before I had Little Buckets or even thought I would ever have my own rescue. This was in March 2016. Now he loves being with the big boys and often doesn't realize his size as he will boss the big boys around when he wants. He loves his friends, Trigger, Sterling, Chief, and Geronimo. 

Chester sadly passed away in December 2023. We were never sure of his age but he very well could have been well into his thirties. We sure miss our little man. 


I first fostered Geronimo for the rescue where Chester came from. I later decided to adopt Geronimo. Geronimo was an ex-racehorse that apparently had a very short career as he was very slow. He later became a trail horse for a tour company before sent off to auction when he was saved. Geronimo for the most part is the leader of the boys. He gets what he wants but also gets along with all the boys. He is goofy and sweet all in one. 

Geronimo is looking for a Sponsor.


Goldie is Trigger's Mom and was at a farm next door to a friend who taught me most of what I know about horses. When I got my first farm, I was  able to provide a new home for Trigger and the farm asked if I would like to take Goldie too. And of course I said Yes. Goldie is as sweet as they come. She has battled PSSM and major joint/muscular issues however she remains happy and mobile enough. She had several babies and Trigger was one of them. They have gotten to spend all but one year together. I was so happy to be able to give her a home. Now she loves on little Willow and is friends with Olive. Goldie is truly a ray of sunshine everyday. 

Goldie has two very special sponsor moms that split her sponsorship.

We had to say goodbye to our Goldie Girl on March 27, 2024, one week after her 28th Birthday. She has left a huge void on the farm & in our hearts. 


Trigger was a very green horse when I met him which means he was young and had not been ridden much. Trigger and I learned together which is not necessarily a great plan but we did it and loved it. Trigger's biggest issue when we rode was him picking his feet up so he would not trip. We don't ride anymore which is probably just fine with him.. He is definitely a lazy horse and is a stocky, quarter horse. Once I got my first farm and Trigger came home to it, Trigger colicked 6 months later and $9000 later, he had colic surgery at New Bolton. I had never had horses growing up and 6 months into having a farm, I had this gigantic bill however just like now, I would do anything for any of my animals. Trigger recovered great and is the sweetest, laid back horse you can find. He gets along with everyone and he will forever be my first horse. Trigger is Goldie's son so be sure to read her story too 

Trigger is super lucky to have an awesome Sponsor Mom. 


Aspen was also one of my first horses at my first farm. Not a rescue. I got her to ride and to have a horse that was not green like Trigger. Aspen is beautiful and was amazing to ride. She preferred a riding ring over a trail. We had fun working in the ring, pretending to be fast, pretending we could jump our little 1 foot jumps. Anyone could ride her which allowed my family to ride as well. Aspen had the most difficult time adjusting to Virginia. As I don't ride anymore, I do believe she misses that. Vegans do not ride horses and as I don't ride anymore, more because of time, I do believe some horses love to work and Aspen is one of those horses. She is unfortunately a very moody, sassy mare that is a boss mare to boot, but I love her so much. 


Early in 2019, I saw a post from my friend Ashley at Flare Oak Rescue where she was going to be trying to pull donkeys from a neglect/abuse case. I offered to help with one if that meant she could save more. She saved 3 donkeys that day and originally had homes for all 3 but later asked me if I would want to take Olive knowing Olive was pregnant. It was of course a big yes. We believed she was 2 months pregnant and was only about 2 years old which is young to have been bred. She was not handled much and whatever abuse she endured left a lasting impression as she still remains guarded in her affection. Donkeys have a very long gestation period with a big window that the baby could be born so we almost waited exactly a year for her to have her baby. She had the most beautiful baby girl full of fluff, who we named Willow. Olive has been the most amazing mom. Watching over her baby, guarding and loving her. Now that Willow is getting to be almost her size, Olive's play side is coming out and both are often doing zoomies together. Olive and Willow will get to live their life out together which is super special. 

Olive is partially sponsored. She has an amazing Sponsor Mom. We would love to find her another Sponsor.


We waited a long time for Willow to be born but she was sure worth the wait. Her cuteness and her fluff were off the charts. It was so amazing how big she was when she was born. Taking steps a few hours after being born to do doing zoomies just a few days later. Her birth came just at the beginning of quarantine and Willow was just what everyone needed who followed. She made you smile, laugh, love, and so much more. She is so sweet and so sassy at the same time. She has grown up so quickly and to a beautiful young donkey. She will get to live her life out with her mom here at Little Buckets. 

Willow has a super special Sponsor Mom and was lucky enough to have a group of special sponsors for her first 6 months of her life. 


Through a nearby SPCA, I was contacted by a person who had a rescue donkey who had just lost his companion horse. He had no other companions and wanted Fred to have other friends. Fred came to the farm at the end of June 2020 and was so incredibly sweet. He has eyes that you can look deep into his soul. Fred has loved everyone he has gotten to spend time with - Trigger, Olive, Willow, Goldie and now resides with all of the boys - Chief, Sterling, Geronimo and Chester. He is so very handsome. 

Fred's previous owner is continuing to sponsor his care.

Short Stuff

Short Stuff appeared in my feed on a feedlot stating she might be pregnant.  The same feedlot that Chief and Sterling were saved from. If she was not saved, she would be sent to auction. I watched her to see if she got a new home. That never happened and I couldn't let this little girl have to go to auction and deal with another bad experience. Pregnant or not, no animal deserves this. So with the amazing help of our supporters, we were able to save her life and  Short Stuff went to quarantine for a month. On the day of her arrival here at Little Buckets, Short Stuff was not acting normally and just four hours later, we were headed to NC State. She was colicing most likely from the trailer ride. They were able to get that under control without surgery but then she developed a low grade pneumonia and ended up being there for almost a week. But once we brought her home, she has remained healthy and will be soon getting to meet new friends and will start to unwind from the experiences of her last few months. 

Short Stuff has 2 amazing Sponsor Moms. 


We welcomed guinea keets to the farm at the end of April 2020. They lived in the house for 2 months then began to be acclimated to their new coop. They now free range around the farm during the day. They follow us everywhere, always together. Certainly let us make sure their voice is heard and provide smiles everyday. All while taking care of our huge tick problem we have on the farm, common to this area. 

Clover & Maggie

When I got my first farm, I was bound to fill it up with farm animals. Clover and Maggie are sisters who I got when they were piglets. Pigs are extremely smart, funny, and lovable Clover and Maggie are now 11 years old and even though they were not necessarily rescues when I got them, any pigs who get to stay with their sister and live out their life safe and happy, are truly considered lucky. 

We don't rescue pigs due to very limited veterinary care in our area.

Maggie is sponsored by one of our amazing volunteers.

Clover sadly passed away in September 2023 and we sure miss her and we know Maggie sure misses her sister.

Miss Kitty

When I came to the farm on settlement day, I was asked by the owner if she could leave Miss Kitty. She had been queen of the farm for many years and she did not want to change that for her. So on Day 1 of owning my new farm, we welcomed Miss Kitty. Miss Kitty loved riding on the golf cart and now Ranger and she is the master of getting across the farm on feet too. I don't know how she does it sometimes but we will be at one end of the farm and she will be with us and then somehow we will be at the other end and she will be with us. We believe she is approximately 17 years old but you would never know it. 

Miss Kitty passed away in September 2021 after being queen of the farm for almost 20 years. 

Bo Peep

So one day in June 2019, I simply went to the landfill to take trash and as soon as I got out of the truck, Bo Peep walked over to me and rubbed up across my legs. Looking under a tree that is right by where you pull up, I saw kittens, however they were skittish. I could have easily taken her with me but I did not want to take her without her kittens. I checked with an employee and found out cats/kittens are dumped there all the time. So I asked if I was okay taking them and of course they said yes. So I went home and got some food and water and attempted to catch the kittens. After several days of spending hours at the landfill, we were able to get 4 kittens and the mom, who we named Bo Peep. Bo Peep had to have had a family as she is so very sweet. She is one of the first animals to greet everyone that comes to the farm. 

Bo Peep is looking for a Sponsor.


So at the end of the week of rescuing Bo Peep and her kittens from the landfill, I got a call from a local person asking if we could take a kitten who was found under her porch. So it was perfect timing to bring all the kittens together as one family. Woody was accepted pretty much right away. He was younger then the rest of the gang. He was so tiny to be out in the world on his own. Woody remains very small and loves his buddy Slinky the most. You often find them snuggling on Sundays. They somehow know it is Sunday and Sunday is for naps. 

Woody has a very special sponsor dad. 


Slinky one of Bo Peep's kittens that were saved in June 2019. He was the hardest to catch and have warm up to me but now he is love bug. He loves his buddy Woody and loves Tater and Tot. He has the most magnificent eyes. His name ended up being very fitting as he is long, skinny, and a gorgeous gray. 

Slinky has a very special Sponsor Mom.


Buzz was also one of Bo Peep's kittens saved from the landfill. He was the largest kitten of the crew. He loves stretching out and sleeping and his body seems to be so long when he does that. He loves all the animals but you often find him sleeping in Tater and Tot's field if he is not sleeping right by my back door. He loves the boys so much. 

Buzz sadly crossed the rainbow bridge in June 2022. He was friends with all and is surely missed every single day. 


Jesse was the only girl Bo Peep had in her litter of kittens we saved from the landfill. Jesse was the friendliest right off the bat and is very much like Colton who has a special bond with all the animals. Jesse hung out with Olive a lot when she was pregnant then Willow and will often snuggle up to the horses on the fence line. She is incredibly sweet and from a distance, she looks so much like her mom that I can sometimes mistake her for Bo Peep. Her stripes are darker and more pronounced. 

Jesse has an awesome sponsor mom and family.


Trixie was literally rescued on a trip to the post office when she was roaming the parking lot. She was so tiny and was in serious danger of getting run over. We brought her home that day and after many trips to the vet, we got her healthy & spayed. 

Trixie befriended Harry and is not imitated by any of the big animals. We were trying to adopt her to a new family, mainly so we could continue to help more kittens however Trixie made sure she was going to stay.

Watch Trixie & Harry play, it's so cute

 She now lounges most of her days in the house and loves to surprise Colton & Cooper with her little leaps.

Gotcha Day: December 12, 2023 

Trixie has an amazing Sponsor Mom.