Never Forgotten

Satch & Blue

Satch & Blue were brothers who I rescued in December 2018 with the help of Applachian Great Pyrenees Rescue. They were being surrendered as the owners were moving from their farm to a single family home. Both needed an incredible amount of grooming but both were sweet and were trained livestock guardian dogs however my goats had never been had a LGD. 

After a just a couple of months, they began fighting between themselves and both got injured. For several reasons, we made the difficult decision to allow APGRR to help us once again as they offered to take Blue and was able to find him a permanent home. 

Satch remained with us and he was a big sweet teddy bear but who also guarded the farm like it was his own. In 2019, he started to have issues walking and getting up and was later diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy. He continued to want to guard the farm at his own pace, come into the house when he wanted to and loved hanging out with Colton. He finally succumbed to this horrible disease on August 25, 2020. We miss him everyday!  The farm is not the same without him. Satch loved to dig a hole wherever he wanted to lay and many of his little divits are still here. I think of him every time I walk by them. Oh how I wish he could be laying in one of them smiling right up at me. Now I know he guards from above and smiles down on us every day. Love you Satch. 


Little Carolyn was rescued from a vet school program along with her friends Pete and Dee. She was incredibly thin and underweight even though she came from a vet school. She was a little fighter and oh so sweet. She was so beautiful and would look into your eyes I know hoping to feel better. She showed glimmers of hope that she could overcome all she was facing but just under a month after being here at LBFS, she passed away on Memorial Day 2019.  One of our new barns was named Carolyn's Corner after her and her picture and memory will remain with us forever. We miss you little C everyday. Oh how I wish you could have been frolicking here on the farm, ears a flying. But I know you are doing just that thing up in Heavan. Love you so much Carolyn. 


Rex was part of the Toy Story Gang who was rescued in June 2019. He was part of a litter of kittens who was dumped at the landfill with his mom. We were able to rescue his mom and 3 of his siblings. Rex was absolutely the sweetest and was so beautiful. He regretably disappeared one night and never returned After all this time passes, I still hope to see his beautiful eyes come around the corner. We miss and love you Rex!


Sprinkles was rescued with her best friend Penny in July 2019. Sprinkles back legs were permanently stiff therefore she had difficulty walking and would often walk on her front two legs. However that never stopped her and she loved having her nose to the ground grazing. She was very short and round and I loved holding her and she would often get rides in the golf cart while I held her to get her to the barn each evening. She unexpectantly passed on November 11, 2019 and besides myself being totally devastated, so was her friend Penny. Penny to do this day is a little lost without her buddy. Sprinkles your spirit will live forever here on the farm. We love and miss you!! 


Parker wasn't on our posts but a few times but that doesn't mean that he didn't have a huge part of my heart. Parker was my Mom's dog however I was around him a lot because I was with my Mom a lot. Shortly after my Mom's passing, Parker became part of my family. He passed away in June 2020 just a few months shy of 14 years old. He was so beautiful, loyal, and funny. He loved being right next to me. He will always be with me in my heart. When he passed, I not only lost him but I lost another piece of my Mom. But I knew he would be greeted in Heavan by her and I told him to give her a big hug for me. 
Parker when he laid down in my house, he would flop and I swear the house would vibrate. Oh how I wish you could just flop right next to me once again. Love you and miss you so much Parker. 


We lost Etch just a few weeks after arriving. She was so spunky, fearless, and loved all the animals. She passed away in an accident on the farm that I take full responsibility for. My heart got shattered in a million pieces. I will always feel like I let Etch down as I am hear to protect them and keep all the animals safe. She had her whole life ahead. All I know the short life she had here was full of love, fun, and living every moment to the fullest. Rest in Peace Etch, you will be forever in my heart and so many others.