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There are so many ways to help us

Amazon Wishlist
Click the image above to shop for items on our Wishlist. Receiving items off our Wishlist is so incredible. We are always so thankful and grateful. Please note, Amazon discontinued the AmazonSmile program in Feb. 2023. Very sad news for us and so many nonprofits.  
RoundUp App
Donate to our organization every time you shop! Use RoundUp App to RoundUp everyday purchases and donate the extra change to us!
Click the image above to Sign Up 

Chewy Wishlist

Little Buckets Chewy Wishlist

Click the image for our Chewy Wishlist. 

As the gang loves receiving gifts off our Amazon Wishlist, they certainly love items off our Chewy Wishlist too. We will mainly be including items that are not on Amazon or are more reasonable at Chewy. We hope you will check our list out. 

Thank you so much

Abillion App

Support us by simply doing Vegan Reviews

Abillion App

Download the App

Every Review Posted on their app = $1 for Little Buckets. After just one review, you can choose Little Buckets Farm Sanctuary from their partner list. 

Their app helps people around the world discover and share authentic and honest feedback on vegan food and sustainable products. 

Abillion App

Be Vegan

By eating something vegan, you are not just saving a life and having an impact on our enviroment, you can directly help Little Buckets by doing reviews and picking us from their partner list. 

Abillion App

Do a Review

Every review translates into helping the animals at Little Buckets. Abillion is so very generous to support animal sanctuaries like ourselves and donates $1 for each review. Absolutely amazing!!

Thank you Abillion for having us as your partner. 


Order a subscription box or shop on Vegancuts Marketplace by clicking the button below Journey's picture or either image and we will receive a donation from Vegancuts.

 If you use:


You will receive a gift in your first subscription box. 

Thank You Vegancuts for your support!

Be sure to check out Vegancuts Subscription boxes. 

Snack, Beauty, and Makeup subscriptions are available. 

Vegancuts Mission: 

To celebrate the vegan lifestyle, regardless of how you live it, and bring you vegan products you can trust.

Fun with Art with Eraine Wegiel

Fun with Art
Learn how to paint this Tulip from the very talented Eraine Wegiel and help Little Buckets at the same time. 
Click the image above to learn more.

Facebook Birthday Fundraisers

Support Little Buckets Farm Sanctuary

Hey - Facebook followers. Did you know you can setup a birthday fundraiser for us? It is an increibly great way to help us reach new people and new support all because you are generous aroound your birthday. We would be forever grateful. Click the image for an easy way to set it up. Thank you! And Happy Birthday!!

Estate Planning

Do you want to leave a legacy and continue to help animals long after you leave this precious earth? By putting Little Buckets into your will or trust, you can do just that. We would be incredibly honored for you to consider us in such an important decision. We would absolutely make sure to do something special in your honor and you will forever be an angel to Little Buckets. 

Little Buckets T-shirt Quilt

We gave this adorable Little Buckets quilt away to one very lucky supporter in November. We raised money for Bucket, Bailey, Miles and Journey's new barn. Look for more fun fundraisers in the future. Thank you so much to everyone who got their chance to win.