Sponsoring One of the Gang

We look for each member of the Little Buckets Family to have a special person(s) who wants to sponsor an animal on a monthly basis. Sponsorship funds help directly with the care of the animal and has a direct impact on helping us with their care but will allow us to continue to help other precious lives. 

Sponsors receive random emails with updates with exclusive pictures. You will receive at least 6 updates throughout the year.  In addition, your special member of Little Buckets will send you a special gift if you choose mailings on the questionnaire that we will have you fill out after you sign up. 

We are looking for a Sponsor or two for each member of the gang. Please see the Meet the Animals page for the ones still looking for their special sponsor family. 

You can also give the gift of Sponsorship to a friend or family member. We will provide you with a certificate that you can print and wrap to give to the person. Please email us for more information. 

For more information, contact Susan at littlebucketsfarmsanctuary@gmail.com

A huge thank you to all of our amazing sponsor Moms and Dads. Your love and support helps the gang tremendously. 

Pictured is Liberty's Sponsor Mom who has been able to come visit Liberty several times. We love when our Sponsor Moms and Dads get to visit their special member of the gang.