Ways to Donate

Thank you for wanting to help us! Every dollar truly has an impact. We would not be able to continue to help save more lives without the support of amazing people like yourself. Your love and generosity are felt in our hearts everyday. We truly can save lives together! Thank you so much! We love each and everyone of you so much!

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Your donation makes such an impact: (Below are a few examples)

Every $10 = 1 Bale of Hay, our gang eats over 1000 bales each year

Every $35 = 1 Bag of Horse Feed, Every $30 = 1 Horse's Hoof Trim

Every $10 = 1 Bag of Sawdust Bedding for the Goats and Horses

Patreon is a platform that allows you to setup a monthly donation amount and in return you will have access to additional pictures and information on the gang and the farm. Patrons often to get to see a little more of what sanctuary life is like, more farm scene pictures and do occasionally here about Little Buckets news prior to posting to the bigger audience. You can join as a Patron for as little as a $1 a month and every dollar has such a huge impact on the daily care of the gang. There are different tiers available and with tiers $5 a month and more, you will receive a gift if you remain a Patron as of July each year. We would love if you would consider joining our Patreon community.

For large fundraising items, we will often setup a GoFundMe page to allow everyone to donate through this page but also to allow everyone to see the progress towards our goal. Currently, we are fundraising for a larger barn for Bucket, Bailey, Miles and Journey. Because of the long timeframe until delivery and because we are more than half way towards the goal, the barn has been ordered and is scheduled to be delivered on January 13th. We hope to reach our goal by this date and we would love if you would consider donating towards their barn. You can donate through PayPal, Venmo, Aplos or Gofundme and just note for the Boys barn. We will keep this page updated. Thank you to everyone who has already donated towards their barn. The boys and I will be forever grateful. 


Donate a Brick

We have a very special Memorial on the farm to never forget the Little Buckets Angels that have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. If you would like to donate a brick for one of our Angels or for a beloved pet, or have a special message that you would like here, we would absolutely love to have it as part of our Memorial.

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Check Donations

P.O. Box 47 Brodnax, VA 23920



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By voting for us as your top charity, we can become eligible for grants. If you donate through their site, it also gains us more votes. They have recently updated to no commission fees. 

Other Ways to Help