Rescuing the Rescuer

We are always  looking for regular volunteers, if once a week or once a month, your help will have a direct impact on allowing us to save more lives. For the most part, the sanctuary is ran by a very small team from animal care to social media to running the nonprofit.  There are just so many hours in the day to wear all these different hats plus it is incredibly exhausting.  

So having regular volunteers is truly helping the rescuer.

If you are interested in helping, please fill out the below form: 


We are currently looking for volunteers on Mondays & Fridays(mid-morning),  Thursday 9am, Weekends in the morning.

We do allow those under 18 to volunteer on a trial basis. Parents will be required to volunteer alongside their child for those 15 and younger and up to the first 3 times for those that are 16 & 17. 

For our Minor Volunteer Application, please fill out the below form:


Thank you so much for wanting to help the Little Buckets gang!

Volunteer Form

Volunteer Application - click either image 

Receive a free t-shirt after 20 hours of volunteering.

We are always looking for volunteers who want to help on special project days, hay unloading, or if you have a special trade. If you are a plumber, electrician, handyman, tree trimmer, love to mow, etc and want to offer your services, we would be forever grateful.

Volunteer Form

What you will do

I will be honest in that a lot of jobs for volunteers involve poop and hay. It is a daily job and one that gives my back a break and allows me to work on other chores around the farm if a volunteer does it for a day. In addition, there will be miscellaneous jobs like cleaning buckets, filling water, sweeping the barn, brushing the animals, and often helping with the new rescues. You will also get to spend time with the animals often while these jobs are done. Those with horse experience will be able to help with grooming the horses and giving baths in the summer. 

If you’re not near us but want to volunteer, check out this farm animal sanctuaries directory