Vegan Sanctuary

There is absolutely no difference between Colton and our grass puppies or any of the other farm animals. We strive to show you the love and personality of each of our animals, so each person will begin to make the connection and want to make compassionate, cruelty-free choices both in their diet and their lifestyles. Below are a few links to help anyone interested in starting the journey towards a plant based life. 

There is simply no difference. If you knew what I know about the dairy and meat industry, you would be clicking that link immediately. If you love Bucket, Bailey, and the gang, please consider your choices. It can directly save a life. Did you know a person who is vegan saves approximately 100 lives per year in addition to having a huge impact on the environment. 

Click here to view Challenge 22 

Click here to view information on Plant Based Diets

Click here to view foods that are accidentally vegan.  Once you look at this list, you might be surprised to find you are already eating vegan foods. 

Click here to view information on a Vegan Diet. Where does a vegan get all their vitamins?

Click here to view an infographic that will blow your mind

The dairy industry has no use for the boys so they often are immediately slaughtered. The girls are put in a cycle of being impregnated and having their babies ripped from them all so people can drink milk, eat cheese, and have butter on their toast. There are so many amazing alternatives to these foods and we hope you will give them a try. It will literally save a life like Bucket's.