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October 2020

Willow's Mornings

September 2020

Buzz with Tater & Tot

August 2020

Bucket and Colton

July 2020

Tater and Tot

June 2020

Chief Falling Asleep

May 2020

New Family Love

April 2020

Willow and Olive Funny Faces

March 2020

Goldie the escape artist

March 2020

Eight is Not Enough Play

February 2020

Colton's New Year's Resolution

January 2020

Dismount Dee

December 2019

Bailey & Colton

November 2019

Trigger & Jesse Love

October 2019

Bailey Workout

September 2019

Goats running

Night Routine with both groups of goats

August 2019

Sounds of the farm

Sounds of the Farm

July 2019

Miles and Journey enjoying freedom

Miles and Journey enjoy freedom on the farm

May 2019

Friends - Chester and Trigger

What friends do - Chester and Trigger

April 2019

A Bailey Big Hop

Bailey Big Hop

March 2019

Hopie, Charlie, and Blondie

Goats following me around the farm

February 2019

Happy Goats

Happy Goats

January 2019

Bucket and Colton hanging out

Colton hanging out with Bucket and Bailey

December 2018

Chester on guard

Chester on guard

December 2018

Horses playing and rearing

Horses playing and rearing

October 2018

Hopie and Colton

Hopie and Colton while Hopie was still in her cart

September 2018

Goats playing on their new houses

Eight is Not Enough Gang Playing

September 2018

Bucket and Colton

Bucket and Colton

July 2018